Frequently Asked Questions

How do you create your maps and where does the data come from?

The origin of the data is via openstreetmap, however the design of the maps is taken and adapted  from stamen maps “watercolor” tile map which they kindly produce as an open source edition. The base data and design is compiled via GIS software, this is where the city views are chosen, and also allows us to go as detailed or as “strategic” as we like. Once the area of the map has been identified, we then use graphic design software to adapt the map features and produce the tailored colourschemes that you see in our products. 

what does 200 gsm paper mean ?

200gsm (grammes per square metre) is an indication of the mass of one square metre of paper. Typically the higher the mass, the thicker the paper is. Once the mass is above 200gsm the paper is considered to be card, so this is the highest mass at which we can reliably print and distribute. All our prints are made on a premium quality  200gsm enhanced matt finish paper.

can i cancel my order?

It depends,if you have a change of mind/circumstances and want to cancel your order, please make sure to get in contact with us as soon as possible so that we can cancel the order before it has been printed and shipped. Unfortunately, we cannot cancel an order that has already been printed or shipped out.

can i change my address after submitting my order ?

If the original address is incorrect, send an e-mail  to info@planimetrica.com as soon as possible so that we can alter the address. However, please note that we cannot change the address once the product has been shipped from our production site.

The product has been damaged during delivery. What do I need to do?

We are always sorry to hear that an order has not been delivered in perfect condition as we are committed to using the best quality shipping and delivery partners. It is also the reason why we use perspex in our frames to reduce the risk of accidental breakage, Using perspex will produce reflections, but at the present time we consider this the most viable means of shipping framed products with the lowest risk of breakage.

However we know that accidents can occur as part of the shipping process. If  you see that damage has occurred, please send us images of your damaged product as soon as possible to info@planimetrica.com  and we will re-print your print and ship it back out with express shipping.

How long will it take to receive my print?

For most prints we advise purchasers to expect to wait  ten (10) business days before receiving their product. This is based on 5 days to print and prepare the frame followed by a further 5 days for shipping. However, if your print absolutely has to be delivered in a shorter period of time we do offer an express shipping service for an additional fee. 

A further alternative is also to go DIY and opt for our digital products. We currently offer high quality resolution digital prints for 30cm by 30cm images, but can give you a quote for larger images. Remember, that our digital images are for personal use only and should not be used for re.use or commercial activities. 


do you offer other styles? can i customise my map?

Yes, we currently offer the possibility of changing the themes to your own choice of colours. We are also open to discuss further customisation with you. For example, the scale of the map or the location point for your city of choice can be customised. Send us further information via our contact page and we can then work with you.

what do your sizes actually refer to?

For our framed products, the sizes (ie; 50cm by 50cm) refer to the actual size of the frame. The image will obviously always be smaller which will allow for mounts to be inserted with the frame. For example, our 30cm by 30cm product will have a 33cm by 33cm external measurement for the frame with an 18cm by 18cm image enclosed within a mount. Expect our larger frames to follow the same proportions. Our illustrative images aim to be as close to reality as possible, but variations may exist with the finished product.

can i track delivery of my print?

I live in a small village. Can you still prepare a map for me?

Yes, we will send you a link as soon as the tracking service is activated for the parcel by our shipping partner. 

Maps of small villages are possible but the level of detail on the maps is less than for the cities. If you provide us with the location details, we can provide you with a digital draft free of charge so that you can assess whether you wish to make a purchase. 

How will my map be packaged?

custom map wrapped as fragile product
custom map delivery packaging

1. The package should arrive with this protective packaging, and marked as Fragile.

2. The package opens out to reveal the print wrapped in protective selophane

rear view wrapped custom map
wrapped custom map

3. Close up of the protective material, and also of the hinged picture hanger

4. Apart from the protective packaging, risk of breakage is reduced by the use of perspex in place of glass. 

unwrapped custom map

5. Finally, an image of the framed print ready to be hung.

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