Welcome to Planimetrica

Our aim is to provide our customers with high quality custom made city maps and other custom illustrations which are available as ready to hang, framed products, As well as unframed posters, We can also provide digital formats if required.

In keeping with our motto “ be more visual” we also intend to provide articles on our blog and newsletter relating to the cities that we cover and other issues that we hope will be of interest to our customers.

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Copenhagen cool blue square frame wall art print
Copenhagen “Cool Blue” Framed City Map Print

Framed City Map Prints

Framed, square city maps are our standard product, currently available either in our “red wine” or “cool blue” colour schemes.

Framed & Unframed Custom Home Portrait Prints

Custom Home Portraits

Our most recent offering, All we need from you for a unique family gift, or housewarming present is a decent quality colour photo of the property of your choice and we will do the rest. It is also your choice as to whether the final product is framed or unframed,

San Sebastián/Donostia “Red Wine” Unframed City Map Poster.

Unframed City Map Prints

Unframed poster style prints in our “red wine” and “cool blue” colour schemes are currently offered on our ETSY site.